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Anti - rust treatment of hydraulic lifts
Aug 15, 2017

Since hydraulic elevators are outdoors, they should be placed outdoors in winter or summer. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of rust prevention in the production process of the hydraulic lift. Elevators, like other machines, are made from a variety of steel. Also need a variety of protective agents and appearance to prevent the main body of the elevator steel directly into the air, or water, easily lead to rust or chemical reaction of the material. For a long time exposed to the outdoors, can be described as highly exposed to the weather, the paint surface has a protective effect for the elevator is a great test. Because of the long time use, it is inevitable that the paint will fall off. No matter how the paint can not stand the baptism of time. The role of the paint is to use steel plate to protect its internal quality, reduce the degree of corrosion. As a protective measure to extend the service life of the equipment. The painting of the hydraulic lift about three times, according to different materials, customers local climate etc. the number will be even more.

The most direct effect of the corrosion product below the coating is to reduce the bonding force between the coating and the metal, thereby reducing the protective properties of the metal. All derusting work is very important. Classification of lifting parts: generally according to the time of manufacture, storage, transportation conditions and climate humidity, the rust on the surface of the steel pipe can be divided into floating rust, middle rust and heavy rust.

Pipeline corrosion is not suited for the sub water conveyance system of stainless pipe and large quantities, can adopt derusting machine or mechanical blasting method for mechanical derusting, can improve the work efficiency, reduce air pollution and people.

In the rust and heavy rust: date of long and open storage or multiple transport and long travel distance, oxidation and corrosion of the pipe surface appears, the rust is heavy, appear serious scaling.

Floating rust; general factory date is short, non open-air storage, only a small amount of thin rust on the surface of the pipe, can use wire brushes, sandpaper and cotton yarn and other manual operation, that is, exposing the metal luster.

When the hydraulic elevator requires high quality of corrosion protection or the inner and outer walls of the pipe have been corroded, chemical rust removal can be used to effectively remove the oxide on the inner and outer surface of the pipe.

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