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Features of hydraulic lift ladders
Aug 15, 2017

The basic application of lift cargo ladder is divided into 3 kinds, movable lift cargo ladder, fixed elevator ladder and rail type elevator. It has good mechanical properties, the elevator has higher stability, the elevator is also used to the station, wharf, public buildings need to be engaged in aerial industries and areas, lift in different occasions the style is different, the characteristics of lifting elevator is quite distinctive, goods ladder compact structure and stability, can adapt to high frequency continuous operation, and the lifting height is stable and reliable, can meet the large tons of goods can meet different stationary lift, use requirements, which is lifting elevator unique point, and we also witnessed when using this point, appear lifting elevator, cut our working time, improve work efficiency, the production has played a crucial role.

The lifting height is stable and can meet the smooth lifting of large tonnage goods. The hydraulic lifting ladder is compact and stable, and can be used for high frequency continuous operation. Hydraulic lifting, cargo ladder, roller, ball, turntable and other table arbitrary configuration, can meet the requirements of different working conditions.

Goods lifting equipment for a wide range of production line is mainly used for the height difference between the delivery of goods; material online, offline; adjust the height of workpiece workpiece assembly; high feeder feeding; large equipment assembly parts lifting large machine; loading and unloading; loading and unloading warehousing places and forklift handling vehicles for cargo fast loading and unloading etc..

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