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Function and characteristics of hydraulic lifting platform
Aug 15, 2017

The hydraulic lifting platform is a multifunctional equipment for loading and unloading machinery.. Because the lifting platform is driven by hydraulic pressure, the lifting platform is called hydraulic lifting platform.

It is widely used in mold manufacturing, chemical, canned and container, automobile and other factories, enterprises and production lines. Hydraulic lifting platform can meet the needs of different lifting height, equipped with all kinds of table form, using the appropriate control mode, the lifting is stable and accurate, and can be started frequently, large carrying capacity, so as to be able to have all kinds of lifting operation when solving problems of small industrial enterprises, convenient production.

There are many types of hydraulic lifting platform, such as four wheel mobile lifting platform, two wheel traction type lifting platform, car modification type lifting platform, hand push type lifting platform, a lifting platform, AC-DC lifting platform, a cable car lift platform, self-propelled scissors lifting platform, elevating platform, car modification diesel engine crankshaft self elevating platform, folding arm type lifting platform, fixed lifting platform, cylinder type lifting platform, Aluminum Alloy lifting platform etc.. Hydraulic lifting platform production plant can also be customized according to customer demand for lifting height of different specifications of hydraulic lifting platform, rest assured and convenient.

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