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Hydraulic jack can not work what is the reason?
Aug 15, 2017

Sometimes working in the hydraulic jack suddenly does not work, what is the reason for this? So many customers feel puzzled, then, Xiaobian come to introduce you!

1, due to pressure regulating valve problems, hydraulic jack system to set the pressure is too low to remove the pressure valve failure, and re-adjust the pressure until the required value; if necessary, re-accounting of working pressure, replace the adjustable large voltage regulator The

2, the piston seal on the leakage or serious damage, the cylinder hole with a deep groove and the piston rod locking piston nut loose, resulting in hydraulic cylinder into and back to the cavity after a serious conduction chamber, the cylinder It can not exercise. You can take the replacement of the piston on the seal and other repair measures.

3, the internal leakage is serious, the piston and piston rod loose, serious damage to the seal. Tighten the piston and piston rod and replace the seal.

4, the hydraulic jack system is faulty, mainly pump or relief valve is faulty, find out the cause of the pump or relief valve failure and ruled out.

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