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Separate hydraulic jack how to keep pressure
Aug 15, 2017

For many jacks, the functions and types of jacks, which jacks can hold the pressure delay? In the design of the separate hydraulic jack, do the pressure maintaining design or do the pressure maintaining device on the matched power source?

Separate type hydraulic jack is a single action cylinder and double acting cylinder to design jack oil in engineering, construction, only jack lifting pressure but failed to long time delay encountered in pile static load, the jack need the calender to design pressure keeping device in pressure state to display pressure jack you can also drop, lifting the top of a long time, thus reducing the amount of complicated engineering and artificial. In this respect, separate hydraulic jacks can suppress the pressure you need, slowly unload and lift up.

We use separate hydraulic jacks to correct the tilt and balance of the house during the lifting of the tilted housing, so that the whole house can be leveled up to its normal state in its original condition. Apart from the tasks that people can not see, separate hydraulic jacks have contributed a lot to them.

Use separate hydraulic jacks are widely used in vertical, but also can recline, inverted and tilt in any direction to achieve the above functions.

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