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The difference between the hydraulic jack and the hydraulic jack
Aug 15, 2017

In fact, Jack generally has three categories: mechanical hydraulic jack, Jack is screw jack, separate hydraulic jacks, separate type hydraulic jack electric separation type hydraulic jack and manual hydraulic jack. As a rule, the separate hydraulic jack we have explained is a single acting hydraulic jack. It is a conventional and universal type. It can be used in equipment maintenance, installation and regular industrial production. Single acting hydraulic jack has a wide range of travel length and lifting capacity, it is the best choice for maintenance, manufacturing, construction and other operations. All the models can be designed with the neck thread and the bottom designed with installation holes, so that the installation and positioning are convenient.

Separate type hydraulic jack is a multi-purpose tool, which comprises an oil pump and top which can track lifting, lifting, straightening, bending, pressure test, has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, convenient use, safety, fast loading and unloading characteristics for factories, docks, warehouses, shipping, oil railway construction, scientific research, etc. are applicable.

Now we focus on the knowledge of hydraulic jack: vertical hydraulic jack is a new series of national stereotypes. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, small size, light weight and convenient carrying, and is widely suitable for lifting operations in factories, warehouses, bridges, docks, transportation and construction projects, etc..

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