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The principle of hydraulic control system of different hydraulic lifter
Aug 15, 2017

Hydraulic lift hydraulic control system is based on the motor power supply, the use of hydraulic pump will transform mechanical energy into pressure, hydraulic oil to promote. By controlling various valves, the flow direction of hydraulic oil is changed, so that the hydraulic cylinder can be operated in different directions and in different directions, and various operations of different equipment are required. The hydraulic system mainly consists of five parts: power element (oil pump), actuating element (cylinder or hydraulic motor), control element (all kinds of valves), auxiliary component and working medium.

1 type hydraulic control system: it is based on the I type to add a set of standby manual pump, in case of no power supply. When using a hand pump, first turn the return valve knob clockwise, pull the handle to neutral position, and press the handle to lift the hydraulic lift. When falling, loosen the return valve knob (anticlockwise rotation) and the hydraulic lift will fall by weight. When the motor or diesel engine was used as power, the operation method was the same as that of I.

2 hydraulic control system (hydraulic manifold block with hand pump): when using the oil return valve knob must tighten according to a clockwise direction, the manual valve handle to the "neutral" position, start the motor (or diesel) to make the system work, and then the handle pulled up "L" position, the hydraulic lift lifting, to reach the desired height, the handle is pushed to the "neutral" position, the hydraulic lift stopped rising at the same time to close the motor, can work. When falling, loosen the return valve (anticlockwise rotation), and the hydraulic lift can fall on the basis of self weight. 3 supporting the valve control hydraulic system: start motor switch, motor, gear pump oil, cylinder out, hydraulic lift lifting; to work up to the required height, according to the motor stop button, the hydraulic lift stop lifting, can work, decline, according to the electric magnet switch button, the cylinder oil return on the hydraulic lift by weight decreased with reduced to the original position after the closing electromagnet (power).

4 solenoid valve hydraulic control system: first, press the switch for motor, pump oil (note, not reverse) when the pump is in the unloading state, press the start switch, solenoid valve 1dt, hydraulic lift lifting. When the required work height is reached, the hoisting switch is closed and the operation can be completed. Press the down switch, the solenoid valve 2DT work, hydraulic lift to rely on self weight down to the original position.

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