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How Does The Hydraulic Lift Adjust The Descent Speed?
Aug 15, 2017

Hydraulic lift down power: hydraulic elevators are mostly rely on equipment weight drops, that is, when the hydraulic lift down, only need to open the valve down, you can fall. This valve is solenoid valve on the hydraulic pump, the following methods for lift by weight drop: hydraulic lift down process manufacturers answer: 1. hydraulic lift down on its own weight for power, the lower portion of the piston oil out oneself down. Therefore, the speed at which the oil is discharged at the lower part of the piston determines the speed of descent, and the inlet of the lower part of the general cylinder is provided with a plurality of valves.

Hydraulic elevator adjust the speed down must pay attention to: do not make mistake valve, hydraulic pump station has more than one hydraulic valve, to distinguish that is the unloading valve. There is an electromagnetic throttle valve (essentially the solenoid valve and throttle valve two), its role is: solenoid valve used to control the throttle valve, throttle valve used to control the amount of liquid in and out of the amount of oil. In general throttle valve body is adjusted by the amount of oil knob, just like the volume knob or faucet knob. So you can adjust the down speed by adjusting the knob on the throttle valve.

How to adjust the hydraulic elevator speed down process should pay attention to their own safety, to adjust the small circle of adjustment, change and continue to decline in the observation speed lifting adjustment is appropriate, tighten the insurance screws.

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