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Hydraulic Jack Working Principle
Aug 15, 2017

Hydraulic jack working principle is through the hydraulic drive mechanism to achieve the work cycle. From the following diagram, we give you the analysis of the hydraulic jack working principle is by the main cylinder 6, through the hydraulic pump F1 pressure through the high pressure hose 7 to send hydraulic oil to the hydraulic cylinder 6, to see the pressure of the pump pressure and height The working jacks), the hydraulic jack in the case of pressure to work on the flat ground, the top of the heavy objects need to be on the same plane, so as to maintain the stability of the hydraulic up and the speed of the slow pace of lifting.

By looking at the working principle of hydraulic jacks, we can not see the hydraulic jack is a new multi-purpose tool, which consists of oil pump and the top composition, can be starting, lifting, straightening, bending, pressure test work, with compact structure, Simple, easy to use, safe, fast loading and unloading and other characteristics, for factories, oil fields, ships, docks, warehouses, railway construction, scientific research, etc. are applicable.

Hydraulic jack Features:

1. With a variety of accessories, with the top, shovel, split and other functions, the use of quick connector can quickly install.

2. The use of safe, overload when the oil pump can automatically unloading.

3. Tools lightweight, easy to use, easy to carry.

4. Pump with composite structure, no load, the flow of large, fast speed, heavy flow when the flow of small, slow speed.

Hydraulic jacks use:

1. The oil pump on the high-pressure hose connector and jack on the connector with, respectively, tighten the oil pump jack on the drain screw, that is, after use, after the work of the screw loose, to restore its original state.

2. Oil pump for fuel, you can remove the pump at the end of the screw, you can refuel, the oil should be kept clean.

Hydraulic jack Note:

1. If the pump if the phenomenon of suction, should be added to the oil.

2. If there is a long time unloading, need to install pressure relief valve, and then loose oil on the oil drain screw. Pull out the joints on the high-pressure pipe the rest does not move, you can achieve the purpose of not down.

3. Connect the high-pressure pipe to the pressure-free connection.

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