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Hydraulic Lifting Platform How To Maintain
Aug 15, 2017

First, hydraulic lifting platform workshop use:

Cleaning the dust on each component regularly, adding lubricating oil regularly to the rotating parts of machinery.

Workshop workers should do the handover work, make good use of the records, do not transfer once, do a good job of dust removal and cleaning.

Check the furnace lifting platform of wire rope should be used before the time, such as a broken stock should be scrapped; when the wire rope wire to wear or corrosion and exceed the original wire diameter of 40%, or a serious fire or local electric fire is outdated and should be scrapped; the steel wire rope is flattening, deformation, broken wire burr serious or wire rope is not much, but the broken wire increases quickly, should be renewed.

The periodic inspection of the furnace lifting platform is complete, flexible pulley wear is serious, lubrication is good; the hoist gear box is complete, the lubrication is good; the brake is flexible and reliable; the control system is normal; motor and electrical insulation is good.

After the electric lifting platform is used, the dirt and dust on the lifting platform, the springboard and the beam should be cleaned, and the rope protector can be disassembled for inspection and maintenance, so as to be ready for the next use.

The establishment of a complete and standard daily maintenance, inspection, maintenance system, strengthen safety management, good use and maintenance records.

Two 、 maintenance of hydraulic lifting platform:

1., roller, intermediate shaft and bearing, cylinder, pin and bearing, arm, hinge shaft and bearing, whether or not wear.

2. hydraulic oil and oil level. The lifting platform whole rises, in this position, the hydraulic ground should be higher than the 40 to 50 mm. If it is found that the hydraulic oil is dark, sticky or gritty, it should be replaced in time (32# hydraulic oil).

3. each part is filled with some lubricating oil to prolong the service life of the bearing.

Maintenance of electric lift for one year:

1. Check all hydraulic piping and fittings. The pipe shall not be damaged, the joint shall not be loose, and all joints must be screwed.

2. Lift the electric lifting platform up and support the pole.

3, according to the order of six months or 500 hours priority.

4. Put all the hydraulic oil away. Unscrew the joint and take out the oil filter. Clean it with kerosene and clean it with compressed air. Then put it back into the tank and connect the pipe.

5 、 check the piston rod of the cylinder and the transparent plastic vent pipe, whether or not there is no oil liquid. If the oil is too large, the cylinder seals may fail or the oil in the tank is full.

6, add new oil. Do not continue using old oil, otherwise the moving parts in the system will wear up faster.

7. Remove and disassemble the drop valve, blow the plunger with compressed air, then load it and re install it.

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