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Jack The Matching Method
Aug 15, 2017

Synchronous jack refers to the use of multiple hydraulic jacks in parallel, today to share with you is the use of some of the methods, customers can refer to the combination of friends and practical use to match the synchronous jack.

The use of jacks need to pay attention to the selection:

1. The size of the weight of the carrier, the need to lift or push the object of the load tonnage;

2. According to the needs of the object to support the tonnage and size of the design of a reasonable number of synchronous jack;

3. The distribution of the number of jacks to be uniform, to ensure that do not make hydraulic jackets work, and the distribution of jacks to comply with the principle of favoring the high pressure hose;

4. According to the number of jacks to determine the valve block of the synchronization valve block, and equipped with electric hydraulic pump station.

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