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Little Jack Must Be Used
Aug 15, 2017

Jack a lot of classification, the traditional mechanical, inflatable and hydraulic and so on. Different types of jacks use methods and operating precautions are not the same, mechanical and inflatable jack principle simple observation intuitive, then the use of hydraulic jacks what is the precautions?

1, the jack should be wiped clean before use, and should check whether the components sensitive, with or without damage, in the load should not remove the quick connector, so as to avoid accidents and damaged parts.

2, in the top of the operation, to select the appropriate tonnage of the hydraulic jack: the load can not be overloaded, the choice of hydraulic jack bearing capacity can be greater than 1.2 times the weight of gravity; jack minimum height appropriate, in order to facilitate the removal of the minimum choice of jack

The height should be with the bottom of the heavy force at the bottom of the space to adapt to the ups and downs in the process of supporting the weight of the pillow wood, jack lifting height is greater than the thickness of sleepers and sleepers and the deformation of the sum.

3, if the use of multiple jacks jack up the same equipment, should use the same type of hydraulic jack, and the weight of each jack from the sum of the weight of the equipment shall not be less than 1.5 times the weight.

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