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Safety Measures For Hydraulic Lifts
Aug 15, 2017

Hydraulic lift personnel in high-altitude work, must strictly comply with standard operating requirements for construction, and wear safety protection equipment, do high altitude operation safety protection measures.

Safety rope 1 and a safety rope can not be used by two people simultaneously. 3, use 3 meters long rope to add buffer. 2, prohibit the use of rope to do safety rope. 4, in order to ensure that high-altitude workers in the moving process has always been a safety guarantee, when the special dangerous work, require the fasten safety belt at the same time, hang on the safety rope.

Two. Differential protector 1, a self locking device with severe impact, should be discontinued. 2, self-locking device hooks should be hung on the metal ring of seat belt. 3. The self-locking device should be checked before use.

Three, safety cap 1 is strictly prohibited to top two layers of safety helmet lined into a layer. 2, use the helmet before adjusting the helmet lining, so that each part of the hat lining and the cap shell a certain distance. 3, cap hoop should be adjusted according to the human head to tighten, in order to avoid bow work, the front slip, blocking sight. 4, before use to check the safety helmet shell cap, helmet liner, hat is complete and effective. 5. The expiration date of the safety helmet shall be calculated from the date of manufacture of the product. The plastic cap shall not exceed two and a half years, and the GRP cap shall not exceed three and a half years. 6, the safety helmet should wear tight, Dai Zheng, hat series at the lower jaw and fasten.

Four, seat belts

1. The seat belts must be inspected every half a year before the inspection is qualified.

2, in the following work, should fasten the safety belt: 

(1) the height of over two meters altitude operations; 

(2) possible aerial work in the workplace, who must wear a safety belt; 

(3) flat roof, from the roof edge or roof opening 1.2 m no fence; 

(4) the slope of the roof during the operation; 

(5) in the absence of scaffolding or no scaffolding bar on the work of more than 1.5 meters high; 

(6) any fence, scaffold planks incomplete; 

(7) any suspension platform or table; 

(8) height no reliable fall prevention measures. 

(9) near a ladder near the roof or ground opening;

3, how to correctly use the safety belt: 

(1) using the same type of safety belt, each component can not be arbitrarily changed; 

(2) the use of safety belt suspension operation, can not be directly hooked on the hook belt rope, hook hanging ring should be in safety belt rope; 

(3) prohibition of component security belt hanging in a weak or with sharp angle; 

(4) to tighten their belts, waist buckle component must fasten the Department; 

(5) the safety belt to hang above the firm at a height of not less than the waist. 

(6) the use of safety is strictly forbidden to carry heavy loads; 

(7) a seat belt that has been severely impacted can not be used even if its shape is not changed;

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