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Teach You To Understand The Maintenance Of Hydraulic Jacks
Aug 15, 2017

Hydraulic jack in the construction machinery plays an important role in the use of jack when we need to understand the characteristics of hydraulic jack, hydraulic jack with output power, light weight, long-distance operation characteristics, together with the factory's ultra-high pressure electric pump It is widely used in construction, shipbuilding, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, railway engineering, and other industrial jacking, stretching and pressing. It can be used in many fields such as top, push, pull and squeeze. And so on. In recent years, in the basic settlement test and static pressure pile has been widely used.

Hydraulic jack with a variety of accessories, with the top, shovel, split and other functions, the use of quick connector can quickly installed. Jack safe to use, overload when the pump can automatically unload. Hydraulic jack tool light, easy to use, easy to carry. Jack supporting my company's electric pump using composite structure, no load, the flow of large, fast line, heavy load when the flow of small, slow speed.

In the configuration of the hydraulic jack can choose manual hydraulic pump configuration, electric hydraulic pump configuration. Depending on the environmental conditions used, it is recommended that you use a manually configured hydraulic jack in a non-powered operating environment. In the tonnage of more than 100 tons of lifting equipment, we recommend that you use the electric hydraulic pump supporting the use of the work, you need to know the hydraulic jack maintenance methods are the following and several:

Hydraulic jack in the course of the use of attention to the use of tonnage jack corresponding to the pump configuration.

Hydraulic jack in the work need to understand the structure of the jack design is a single role or a double role in the use of standing or backwards, lying on the use of time, we will recommend you use double-action hydraulic jack structure can be designed to 360 degrees Use, and vice versa of the hydraulic jack can only stand up to use.

Hydraulic jacks in the lifting of the need to understand the jacks of the cordon, we Rongmei company's hydraulic jack each jack work trip in place have designed red warning line. This avoids the use of hydraulic jacks at worktime.

After the use of hydraulic jacks maintenance should pay attention to: After the need to strengthen the jack jack piston rod maintenance, with sulfur oil piston rod head with a plastic bag is good, so to avoid dust into, to avoid the jack piston rod rust.

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