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What Is The Use Of Hydraulic Jacks
Aug 15, 2017

1, single acting hydraulic jack is a conventional general type, can be used in equipment maintenance, installation and conventional industrial production. Single acting hydraulic jacks with a wide range of travel length and lift capacity range, is the maintenance, manufacturing, construction and other operations the best choice. All models can be designed neck thread and the bottom of the design of the installation hole, making supporting the installation of easy positioning.

2, thin jack, jack smaller, and can produce greater ability to work, especially in a narrow space where the use of space, and has a light and flexible, the first force and other functions, the product is widely used in electric power, chemical, Shipbuilding and maintenance, bridges, construction, mining, steel, oil, machinery and other enterprises, and play its infinite power.

3, double acting hydraulic jack for high tonnage lift operation, high demand for precise control of object movements and maintenance operations. In the tunnel pipe horizontal installation work, its hydraulic reset design can quickly and effectively push the piston back to the original position, to advance the next tube to prepare.

4, single-acting hollow jack products for cable, anchor bolts, tension screw tension test maintenance and the need for tension applications, single-acting hydraulic cylinder has a unique hollow piston design, allowing the actual rod or rope through, Can provide tensile force, optional steel piston saddle can also be used for ordinary top, especially for post-tension and pre-pull method.

5, ultra-high pressure synchronous jack, widely used in large-scale construction equipment, components of the synchronization from the top, adjustment and railway, highway, bridge construction. Designed with safety and safety devices, built-in relief valve to prevent overload, protect the jack in order to facilitate safe operation. And the design of multi-group synchronous distribution valve, can be controlled at any time jack jack up and down. The connection of the device is connected with high pressure hose and threaded joints, with the advantages of safe and convenient, and overcome the shortcomings of traditional quick joints oil spill.

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